Jess Huon The Collective Well

A four month meditation practice and mentoring course with Jess Huon.
Begins 19 July to 10 November 2024.
Online with optional in-person component in Melbourne, Australia.

Do you want to carve out time to resource deeply amidst your daily life

Stay awake and on the pulse of what’s most vital to you, in a sustained way?

Interrupt worn patterns and stretch into new creativity?

Turn up the volume of your presence to allow for transformation, without having to pack up all your belongings and go elsewhere?

 It can be hard to do this alone.

Join Jess Huon and a vibrant community of practice in a program that honours the time and support needed for change and empowers you to take your unique next steps through the heat of these times.

Together, we’ll dive under the noise, gather our energy in, and harness innate power and heart for what matters.

Jess Huon
“I’ve spent years in monasteries and solitary practice, intensely immersed in classical Buddhist teachings, and I’ve also broken out of these confines – scaled the walls – to deeply explore what it means to include my body, the ‘feminine’ – all aspects of my life on my path. I’ve done my time on the mountain, but perhaps you don’t have to. Together we can tap into this depth and wisdom from wherever we are.”
— Jess Huon

 In this round of The Collective Well 2024 you will be supported to:

    • Prioritise a regular meditation practice, with inspiration and accountability from the collective we do this together.
    • Integrate trustworthy, relatable teachings to skillfully navigate life wisdom at our backs.
    • Meet self-harassment and other undermining energies from a steady potent place hold your ground.
    • Anchor into your own basic goodness and re inhabit your body and energy – come home to yourself.
    • Grow your compass to steer life from your own knowing, whilst staying connected to a collective your unique path.
    • Make these teachings your own – apply these practices when it matters, in real timecreate fresh space to do things differently.

Together We Will:

Gather in community for continuous fortnightly practice sessions.

Deepen understanding of Buddhist maps/teachings that support our clear seeing and aliveness. We’ll land this wisdom and warmth in our bodies, through tailored practices.

Gain firmer footing and a clear view within Foundational Practice to give us the safety, protection and insight to take the necessary risks to enliven and extend our practice/lives.

Spring from these Foundations. Guided by a core Tantric map of wholeness and sanity, depicting unhindered human energies, we’ll explore embracing these qualities. 

These frameworks help us bridge the gap between sitting on the cushion and ways of creating, working and relating in everyday life.


Jess Huon Collective Well

Meet Jess Huon

“A powerful practice of depth, love, ancient teachings & poetry within a group setting that has enabled me to face life with a little more courage, truth & grace.“

— The Collective Well 2023 participant 


“Jess has her pulse on the pulsing wounded and beautiful heart of our times and sculpts the teachings around really meeting this. A balance between a safe container, fidelity to the teachings, responsiveness to needs — danced like a true virtuoso.”

— Regeneration Retreat participant

I collided with the Buddha as a teenager — propelled on a path that began with a force I couldn’t turn away from, and still can’t.

I’ve been teaching for the last seventeen years in Australia and internationally — running retreats, leading meditative wilderness walks in remote places, writing study programs, delivering talks and accompanying thousands on their spiritual path.

I continue to practice, evolve and adjust, wrestling with these teachings. I teach what I know and what I have felt.

I have a particular focus on embodiment, inner resource, and a sense of warmth and nourishment that allows us to keep our eyes open, to extend ourselves — to stay with and do hard things.

I know what it takes to land the realisations gleaned from these teachings, and stabilise them and integrate them in a modern culture that doesn’t sympathise with the time needed for real learning, and culture repair.

I stand for our capacity to find fresh responses to personal and collective situations, deeper than distraction or despair.

Together, we can pause and enter a depth — room for everyone here (nobody owns this place) — in a way that does not cancel out or undermine our differences. This is a regenerative space. We need this place now more than ever.


Foundational Buddhist practices such as calm abiding, loving kindness and insight practice will form the ground of our explorations.

We will explore:

  • curiosity, play and less predictable ways to meet practice/experience
  • a felt sense of rest, protection, and belonging/interconnection
  • loving kindness practice vs judgment/lock down — intimacy with experience
  • opening to sensations of pleasure, without gripping
  • gain footing in deeper ground, riding waves of emotions and other sensations without being tossed around
  • discernment — see what’s not serving you and make space for what does  
  • reliable anchors to bring you back to centre 
  • the confidence to wisely meet your inner life and grow resource/capacity to meet broader collective concerns — to handle the heat 
  • trust what emerges distinctly for you.  

Foundations anchor us in our own bodies, and offer skilful ways to work with our immediate experience.

Program Details


Program dates/schedule 2024

All times are AEST/AEDT



Three longer in-person (Melbourne)/ hybrid online sessions.

Opening  Friday 19 July  6.00 pm – 9.00 pm 

The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent

1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford

Midpoint Friday 13 September  6.00 pm –  9.00 pm 

The Augustine Hall, Augustine Centre

2 Minona st, Hawthorn 

Closing Sunday 10 November  3.30 pm –  6.30 pm 

The Augustine Hall, Augustine Centre

2 Minona st, Hawthorn 


Fortnightly sessions

All other sessions will be held online on Zoom, on fortnightly Sundays from Sunday 4 August through to Sunday 27 October at 4.00 – 6.00 pm.

Session 1 Sunday 4 August 4.00 – 6.00 pm Online
Session 2 Sunday 18 August 4.00 – 6.00 pm Online
Session 3 Tuesday 27 August 7.30 – 8.30 pm Online Q & A
Session 4 Sunday 1 September 4.00 – 6.00 pm Online
Session 5 Sunday 29 September 4.00 – 6.00 pm Online
Session 6 Tuesday 8 October 7.30 – 8.30 pm Online Q & A
Session 7 Sunday 13 October 4.00 – 6.00 pm Online
Session 8 Sunday 27 October 4.00 – 6.00 pm Online

There will be three additional sessions with wonderful guest speakers to be announced soon.
As these guests will be interstate and international, they will all be offered via zoom online.

Springing from Foundations

Here, we explore weaving the depth gleaned from the foundations into enhancing other aspects of our embodied lives.

Through guided and expressive practices, supported by the tantric map depicting the five Buddha families and their particular qualities, we will explore:

  • honouring and amplifying your areas of strength, and nurturing other aspects that don’t come so easily
  • practicing in a way where you’re not cutting off or dampening down, but embracing life-force energies 
  • discern where you may slip into the shadow, or neurotic side of these qualities and why 
  • play with embodying these aspects, eg. the colour RED signifying inquisitiveness, passion, interest, not holding back, and bringing these aspects of yourself forth 
  • emerging into fresh action, sharing more of yourself, and bring forward particular gifts/ capacities in your life.



“Pitch yourself close to wells of open practice and enquiry within a supportive practice community whilst continuing to be engaged in the grit and particulars of everyday life.”


Program Fees


Regular Rate: $ 1750  (opens 22 June)
You are welcome to pay in full, or pay a deposit of $750
Regular Rate balances will be processed on 10 July

If this applies to you, please record these dates.



Strengthening Rate: $1950  (support Jess’s ongoing work — OPEN NOW!)
You are welcome to pay in full, or pay a deposit of $750.
Strengthening Rate balances will be processed 10 July

If this applies to you, please record these dates.


How Sessions Work 

In each session, you can expect a mix of:

  • a dharma talk (or story-telling)
  • tailored meditation instructions, for lying down or sitting practice
  • break-out/discussion groups
  • short Q & A
  • Expressive practice to deepen embodied understanding.
  • Extra sessions will be offered solely for Q&As, to allow time for practice in other sessions.
  • There will be three guest speakers who will be announced shortly. Guest presenters will be drawn from Jess’s First Nation Australian and international colleagues, who are steeped in their teaching and practice; Indigenous understanding, Dharma within psychotherapeutic applications and Tantric practice, within a modern context. These discussions will respond to and enrich/clarify the themes we explore, as well as fielding questions and ideas from our group. Guest speakers and times will be announced soon.


Extra Support

Extra support will be offered through the following which are optional:

  • Peer-lead meditation/discussion zoom sessions (weekly)
  • Dharma buddies/small group check in between session
  • Online thread for collective peer sharing
  • Recording of all sessions, talks and guided practices along with short reflections and practice prompts
  • Each participant in The Collective Well 2024 will be eligible for one discounted 1:1 session with Jess over the duration of the course at a reduced rate. The usual price for these is $160 – $200 and will be offered at $120 for one hour for program participants. Booking details will be announced in the Welcome Package you will receive once you’ve booked in.

If you have any questions you are warmly invited to
contact our team.

What 2023 participants have to say about The Collective Well!

“It was a refuge, rays of light and truth, a backbone for the chaos and pain that inevitably emerges in this human life. And on top of all this it was so joyful, connecting, loving. It was one of the best things I have ever done.”

“It was really really valuable to me. It created a regular deeper touchstone for me in my life, and really helped me to connect with myself and bigger themes/processes. I really loved it.”

“Gosh, I’m not sure where to begin, my practice has landed in my daily life in a way that I have not experienced before. It has become a true refuge and one of the great gems in my life. ~ I am more aware than ever of my ‘negative biases’ towards suffering.. how programmed I am towards pain, whilst simultaneously resisting pain! Opening up to also be aware of what good feelings are present, making subtle shifts in view, has been revolutionary for me on and off the cushion.”

“Very resourceful, grounding and heartfelt. I felt embodied, able to trust more in the meditative process, and felt inspired by Jess’ teachings and pedagogy.